Why YourNextStory?

Frustration has fuelled YourNextStory. We feel touched to see so many talents disengage or leave their jobs unsatisfied and great organizations who are not capable to nourish talent.

Employers are looking for a quick-fix, often driven by fear or control, unable to really look at what people and teams need.

The loss of employees results in unnecessary frequent recruitment and training of newcomers. This is not a sustainable model, while the future workplace asks for a new approach.

YourNextStory is on a mission to revitalise the workplace, where energetic people work from the heart and with passion.

We bring energy, insights and connect the soul to the business, with the result that people become more motivated and inspired. Knowing yourself and being happy about who you are, prevents turnover and failure and offers organizations more continuity.

The programs of YourNextStory have a bottom-up approach where people actively work with their personal values, goals and change power.

Based on experience and research, we connect people to their personal story and bring back the soul into the business.

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‘Defining employees as human beings instead of human resources’

Hoe gaat YourNextStory te werk?

We verbinden ziel met zakelijkheid. Op basis van ervaring en onderzoek hebben wij oplossingen ontwikkeld waarmee organisaties hun DNA verankeren, bestaansrecht manifesteren en groei realiseren.

Voorkom met de praktische oplossingen van YourNextStory personeelsverloop, burn-out, ontevreden medewerkers en negatieve energie en een gematigd bedrijfsresultaat.



How do you map out what people really think of your organization?

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Obtain valuable insights about motivation, shared values and involvement in your organization with our DNA scan.

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How do you connect teams with the values and purpose of your organization?

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Gain insights into the composition of your organization and learn how to cultivate freedom and responsibility during our 100-day program.

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Leadership Sprint

What change does your organization need to ensure that employees get in motion on their own?

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Provide management within 2 days practical tools to activate motivation and enthusiasm within your organization.

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YNS Custom

What is our next story?

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Our customized solutions help you keep focus during major changes in your organization.

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YourNextStory Walk & Talk

Are you managing employees and triggered by YourNextStory?  
Let's discuss your stickiest issues around values and motivation. Together we will find out how your changemakership can empower others and yourself within the organization.

Plan a free one-hour walk with Anouk, Huub or Bojana to talk about how you as a leader can unleash the full powers of people.

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YNS Individual

Do you want to grow personally and professionally or are you looking for your next story?

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About us

Who are we and what do we stand for?

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